I’m glad to see you here checking out natural alternatives! They have made a huge difference in my life and now I’m passionate about finding out what will help you in your life!
 First most, I’m a wife and a Mom. When I got pregnant with my son it changed everything and I started looking into things. After that came many fertility issues and 3.5 years later we got pregnant with a baby girl. At our midway ultrasound, we found out she had passed away.  I started on a raw food journey after that and got pregnant easily after a few months. I was invited to an essential oil class and the rest is history!  Our whole family uses the oils for everything., including our dog!
 I knew oils were next in my life clean up, but I had NO idea what a change they would bring. I had NO idea what they could do, and I had no idea how badly the industry is messed up! I’m happy to share with you all the things they do if you ask!!
 I am so thankful to be with Young Living as I never have to worry about what is in my oils, supplements, food, and body care! No heavy metals. No added chemicals. No synthetics. They are all first distillation.  Seed To Seal.    www.SeedToSeal.com
 Check out our amazing team at www.OilPreneurs.ca  We are an authentic, heart-based, fun bunch who support and empower each other!